Our facility

  • 100,000 square feet
  • 4 cold rooms – combined
  • 20,000 square feet
  • All four rooms can be cooled down to 34 degrees
  • The largest cold room is 12,500 square feet

  • This room has 10 forced air cooling lanes, with 99% humidity
  • Primus Audited
  • Facility is on 9 acres
  • Staff includes two full time Quality Inspectors plus one “as needed” inspector
  • Newly intergraded GTIN system allows for complete traceability

Pursuing higher standards for sustainability and social responsibility

We provide Texas grown conventional items from our partner El Sabino Farms and other local family farmers. Val Verde recently started an organic program to help expand our growing consumers. We also carry a variety of conventional items year round by establishing relationships with our trusted growers throughout Mexico.

  • Decreased waste at shed and farm with recycling programs
  • Decreased water consumption with drip irrigation systems
  • Constant crop rotation to keep ground fertile and healthy
  • Donations of quality produce to charitable organizations and Texas food banks
Message from Our President