Eat Your Veggies, Make Mom Proud

Val Verde Vegetable Co. is a third generation, Family Owned Grower, Packer and Produce Shipping company that was founded over 33 years ago by Frank Schuster, Jr.  The Schuster farming legacy began long before though when Frank Sr. began farming in 1947, establishing one of the oldest farming operations still currently operating in Texas.

Currently Farming over 3,000 acres of Texas farmland, Val Verde Vegetable Co. has earned its reputation as a premier grower, providing exceptional quality conventional and certified organic fresh vegetables, leafy greens and superfoods.   From earning our Food Safety certifications by the most accredited 3rd party auditors on our farms and packing shed to our dedicated in house food safety protocols, Non-Gmo, Eco-conscious sustainable farming practices, Val Verde remains at the forefront of Americas advanced farming operations.  Consumers can enjoy Val Verde's fresh Veggies, Greens and Superfoods throughout the United States and Canada with the confidence that you are buying from one of the best fresh brands in the country.

Val Verde prides itself in long standing relationships with our partner, El Sabino Farms while supporting other local family farmers. Val Verde also carries a variety of produce items year round through established relationships with our trusted premium growers throughout Mexico.

What Makes Val Verde Vegetable Co. the one to BEET?

  • Third generation Family Owned Farming operation since 1947
  • Food Safety Certified Farm and packing operation through Primus, SQF and USDA
  • CCOF Certified organic grower and packing operation
  • Non-Gmo grower
  • Grower, Packer, Shipper
  • Pursuing higher standards for sustainability and social responsibility yearly
  • Decreased waste at shed and farm with recycling programs
  • Decreased water consumption with drip irrigation systems
  • Constant crop rotations to keep ground fertile and healthy
  • Dependable quality with a less than 2% rejection rate average
  • Customer Service Driven
  • Greens are packed to order to insure freshness and quality
  • Over 60 different fresh items grown including our full line of Veggies, Leafy greens, Root vegetables and Superfoods.

We Love hear'n from ya'll

Our team is committed to un-BEET-able Food Safety, Responsible Eco-conscious Non-Gmo Farming and Customer Service.  We think our Customers, Partners, Growers and Carriers are a BIG DILL.