Val Verde Vegetable Co. is a third generation, Family Owned Grower, Packer and Produce Shipping company that was founded over 33 years ago by Frank Schuster, Jr. 

Val Verde continues to prosper and grow with Franks Sons, Kurt and Max at his side. With Kurt handling the business side of the operation and Max managing the Farming side. This Schuster Family tri fecta brings generations of Farming know how to the forefront of the produce industry with their state of art farming, packing and shipping operation providing exponential growth in every integral aspect of the company.

Currently Farming over 3,000 acres of Texas Family farmland, Val Verde Vegetable Co. has earned its reputation as a premier grower providing exceptional quality conventional and certified organic fresh vegetables as well as a full line of leafy greens and superfoods through responsible, advanced and sustainable farming practices. Consumers can find Val Verde's fresh produce throughout the United States and Canada and continues to grow every season. 

Val Verde prides itself in long standing relationships with our partner, El Sabino Farms and supporting other local family farmers. Val Verde also carries a variety of produce items year round through established relationships with our trusted premium growers throughout Mexico.


 Our team is committed to excellent service and communication with our customers as well as our partners, growers and our carrier base