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Part 2

Blake La Grange Viva Fresh Clean Eating Challenge


My expertise is in the Produce industry and as a trainer of professional, collegiate and amateur athletes.  Both of which I have over 3 decades of experience.  Unfortunately, this hectic lifestyle has led me down a long, unhealthy, road to not practicing what I preach.  It is very easy for me to use the ole, “I’m just too busy or just too tired” self talk and will actually have validity.  Two full time jobs for the past 30 years will wear on you quick.  I associate with former teammates and fellow trainers weekly and it is embarrassing that they are in great shape and I’m standing there with one foot in the grave.  This past year I started to take a deeper look at this phenomenon to answer my 3 decade old question, what’s wrong with ME?  It’s got to be my thyroid?  My diabetes? My Oxidative stress? My blah blah blah b.s. excuses, and my Doctors have been more than happy to oblige and tell me it’s not my fault.  B.S., It’s definitely my fault.  I’m the one stuffing my face with garbage and always taking the easy road to not work out or at least be more active.  It finally hit me square between the eyes, “this is on you kid, get your shit together, stop depending on others to solve your problems and STOP PLAYING THE DAMN VICTIM.”  I have a saying I have used with my athletes for over 20 years, “Own it, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”  So, going into this challenge, my first rule was to follow my own advice and Own my problems while getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  I love to eat, that’s comfortable, so I started intermittent fasting, that’s uncomfortable.  My body reacted by beginning a process of apophagy and cleaning out the old and broken proteins and cells thus making me feel better.  Where was my discomfort?  Being hungry.  Ok, so obviously I don’t know how to eat, solution… Learn how to eat. I have also learned that I’m not going to die, pass out or go into anaphylactic shock from not eating or eating less. It’s not the meds, diabetes, morbid obesity, co-morbidities etc. that is killing me, IT’S MY VICTIM MENTALITY.  Change my mindset, change my life. 


I am down 30 lbs now with out a single change to my work schedule.  Actually, my work schedule is even busier now that we are in season.  I have been asked by many what I was doing to get those 30 off and get off some of my meds.  The interesting thing is I did not give some of them the right answers apparently.  I told them what I was doing which technically is all I can say.  I am not a doctor and don’t pretend to be.  What I found most fascinating is that when I told them about changing my mental state, the planning, goal setting and executing that I did to prepare for this challenge, I lost them.  “Change?  Wait, I am not comfortable with change” is what I heard from many.  They are still doing exactly what I was doing for all those years, Looking for the magic pill and the easy answers and excuses.  It’s the year 2020 for God’s sake.  There must be a magic pill to make all of this fat that is killing me just go away… isn’t there?  Nope.  But what is truly magical is that God has given us everything we need to control this and fix it… on our own.  I thought of it like this;  If I took a huge ship and loaded all of us unhealthy fat people on it and stranded it on a deserted Island somewhere away from phones, internet, fast food and processed foods and we were forced to only eat what was on the island and the sea, we would have an amazing transformation. Yes, it would be extremely uncomfortable but day by day we would adapt, learn and benefit from the hardship.  Once the rescue ship showed up a year later, it would pick up nothing but skinny, sexy, healthy castaways.  I am trying my best to put myself on this hypothetical deserted island for at least a year and learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Challenge myself every single day and my chances are good that I will benefit from this mentality in the long run.

My Next Steps:

Own it.  Stop playing the Victim and take control myself.  My mind is in control of my body and emotions, not the other way around.

Learn how to eat.  Spend time daily learning how, why and when to eat.

Exercise every day.  When I feel uncomfortable I will just work harder that day.

Everything that makes me uncomfortable I will do instead of what I normally do that is comfortable.

Have a great week getting comfortable being uncomfortable and own it.

Blake La Grange

Val Verde Vegetable Co.

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